Tom Spithaler

Tom Spithaler the founder and President of RATTAC Training and Consulting. RATTAC was originally founded as the retail products brand and dba of Paraklete Consulting Services, LLC, which closed operations in 2012. I have since transformed RATTAC into a training and consulting company specializing in training of basic and advanced AR15 operator and armorer’s courses, other firearms owner’s and operators courses and curriculum in Urban Defense.

Training is everything. You can have all the best equipment, and all the best natural skills, but if you do not train in using them, you are practicing to be defeated. Because training is  so important, and because what RATTAC has to offer is so important to you, I feel it is equally important that you have confidence in the person who founded the company and his desire to train you well.

I have spent the last 22 years working for Olympic Arms – the oldest, longest continuously running AR15 manufacturer in the world. I have been the Sales & Marketing Director with that company since 1994, and have overseen the sales of Olympic Arms, Inc., climb to be a multi-million dollar company with worldwide notoriety. My duties have seen me oversee domestic distribution of all firearms, as well as military and export operations. I have worked with ever branch of the US Military, and other domestic LE branches such as the FBI, Secret Service, US Marshall’s Service and the US Border Patrol.

I was also the lead developer in some very successful firearms projects, including the Ultra-CSR Rifle, an Olympic custom built bolt-action Counter Sniper Rifle released in 1995, the K8-LRT (Long Range Tactical) rifle, the K16-PSR (Perimeter Security Rifle), the Blak-Tac 1911 series, and the K16-SST series of combat-match-grade target carbines.

I am a former Infantry soldier and decorated Combat Veteran of the U.S. Army’s 3/47 Infantry Regiment, having served as a Grenadier carrying the M16A2 rifle with M203 Grenade Launcher in combat through Desert Storm in 1991. I earned the right to wear combat patches from the 82nd Airborne Division, and the 18th Airborne Corp, both operating under Special Operations Group (SOG) Command during the Desert Storm conflict. Returning from my deployment, I became a United States Army trained Unit Armorer and served in that position with both Alpha and HHC Companies of the 3/47 Inf. Regiment until my ETS in 1992.

I am the sole source author of all RATTAC curriculum, and am always open to comments, suggestions and content corrections.


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