RATTAC History

 RATTAC was formerly the retail products brand and dba of Paraklete Consulting Services, LLC, which closed operations in 2012. RATTAC has been reformed as a training and consulting company specializing in training of basic and advanced AR15 operator and armorer’s courses, other firearms owner’s and operators courses and curriculum in Urban Defense.
f359e-47thregimentThe RATTAC name is an abbreviation for Rattler Tactical. Tactical speaks for itself; we work in a tactical field. The rattlesnake is the mascot of Alpha (A) Company 3/47th Infantry Regiment of WW1, WW2, Vietnam and Desert Storm fame, and is often included in the unit crest. From the trenches of France in WW1, the first combat unit to cross the Rhine river into Germany in WW2, from the MaCong delta of Vietnam to the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Iraq, the 47th Infantry Regiment  (including the A Co. RATTLERS!) have distinguished themselves in combat time and time again on the battlefields of the world in defense of freedom and liberty for all who desire it. This company name is dedicated to all those who served in the 3rd Battalion of the 47th infantry Regiment (Black Raiders), past present and future; they are always in my heart.
Once a Rattler, ALWAYS a Rattler. To all those Rattlers out there, Mung-Ho!

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