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Tom Spithaler

As the founder and President of RATTAC Training and Consulting, I take this job very seriously. Because we are dealing with a politically incorrect and volatile topic (firearms) that have the potential to politically scar, and physically kill, it is not only important that we learn safe and proficient ways to handle our firearms, it is equally important that you are confident with the qualifications of your trainers.

I have spent the last 22 years working for Olympic Arms, the oldest, longest continuous running AR15 manufacturer in the world. I have been the Sales & Marketing Director with that company since 1994, and have overseen the sales of Olympic Arms, Inc., climb to be a multi-million dollar company with worldwide notoriety, and headed several  developmental projects including the Ultra-CSR Rifle, an Olympic custom built bolt-action Counter Sniper Rifle released in 1995,  the K8-LRT (Long Range Tactical) rifle, the K16-PSR (Perimeter Security Rifle) and the K16-SST series of combat-match grade target carbines.

I am a former Infantry soldier and decorated Combat Veteran of the U.S. Army’s 3/47 Infantry Regiment, served as a Grenadier carrying the M16A2 rifle with M203 Grenade Launcher in combat through Desert Storm in 1991. I earned the right to wear combat patches from the 82nd Airborne Division, and the 18th Airborne Corp, both operating under Special Operations Group (SOG) Command during the Desert Storm conflict. Returning from my deployment, I became a United States Army trained Unit Armorer and served in that position with both Alpha and HHC Companies of the 3/47 Inf. Regiment.

I am the sole source author of all RATTAC curriculum, and am always open to comments, suggestions and content corrections.

A husband of 22 years and father of three, I am also a prolific writer and blogger having been published in industry journals such as the Blue Book of Gun Values, Survival Magazine, Predator Extreme Magazine. I also created AR15Hunter.com (since sold) and other internet publishing forums such as OA2.org (the Olympic Arms Owner’s Association). I also blog outside of the firearms industry covering other hobbies, including the subjects of comparative religion, Christian Orthodoxy, philosophy and history.

I, and my family currently reside on a small and peaceful 5 acre farm in Tenino. My firearms training helps to keep the peace.


Leroy Webb

Mr. Webb is a consummate professional and walking firearms encyclopedia. LeRoy has worked in the AR15 sales industry fort he last 15 years, and was a private FFL holder and business proprietor. A Life Member of the NRA, Life Member of the Washington Arms Collectors, an Officer in the local Chapter of the 82nd Airborne Association, Lee is also a well known and loved annual participant in the Elmer Kieth Annual Big Bore Long Range Shoot located in Eastern Washington State.


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